SKSD Superintendent's Snapshot

Superintendent’s Snapshot

Updated February 27, 2021



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Type of Learning

Monday, March 15

PD Day / Asynchronous Virtual Learning Day
Note: there is no in-person learning on March 15

Friday, April 2

No School (Good Friday)

April 19 - 23

No School (Spring Recess)



As of February 27th, we have had fifteen (15) new cases (since the last reporting on February 17th). From the time when we have opened our schools, we have had a total of 176 positive cases associated with SKSD. (This case count is based upon the cases that the RIDOH has notified the Superintendent about. The RIDOH has a formal process where the Superintendent is notified of the positive cases.) 

The SKSD does post PreK-12 positive case data. This information is updated each week. You can find the link to this data HERE.


The positivity rate to date for South Kingstown is 8%. We are still one of the lowest in the state. Each city/town’s data in a graphed format is available HERE  or here  (


March COVID Testing Event Dates

Monday, March 1

Monday, March 8

Tuesday, March 16

Monday, March 22

Monday, March 29

On February 25, 2021, SKSD held COVID-19 Testing Events in each school. We tested 1,118 participants. We had three (3) positive cases.

How do we handle a positive case?   Anyone that was positive was immediately notified. If the positive case is a student, then we immediately notify their family. Anyone that was a close contact with a positive case has also been notified.

In the case of a positive and/or close contact, we isolate them immediately and have them move to virtual learning for the required quarantine period. As always, we work with the RIDOH on all positive cases.   


Total Number Tests

Total Staff

Total Students

































We tested a total of 1,118 participants this week.

Please remember that you can sign up at any time! Please see the information below if you have not yet signed up.

  • All Students and Staff will be eligible for testing
  • To participate students must have completed the SKSD consent form located here (This form should only be completed one time.)

Reporting Our Test Results Each Week

  • The building will report via listserv when their testing event is complete and that any positive cases (and close contacts) have been contacted.
  • The Superintendent will report via listserv when the district testing event is complete (will include the total number of tests administered and the total number of positive cases)
  • The positive cases will be entered into the state portal.
  • IMPORTANT - The negative cases will no longer be entered into the state portal (We have entered these negative cases up until now. The state no longer requires that we enter these cases. If you need the state portal negative test result notice for any reason then please reach and we will provide this for you. The only way to enter these results is manual. It has been a burden to the school districts so the RIDOH has changed this requirement. If the RIDOH creates a way that we can import this information then we will do it that way. Again, if you have a need for this information then please reach out and we will provide it for you.



As of March 1, 2021, the SKSD quarantine guidance will follow the RIDOH recommendations. Previously, SKSD utilized the guidance that allowed us to follow the 14-day gold standard. We feel that we can move to the RIDOH / CDC recommendation. If our positive case data increases, then we will move back to the 14-day gold standard.   

This change only applies to those that are identified as a non-household member or those that need to quarantine because of travel restrictions. This guidance does not apply to a household close contact or a person that is in isolation because they have tested positive.  

Beginning March 1, the SKSD will be using the following two options to shorten the 14-day quarantine for Close Contacts. These two options now follow the RIDOH playbook. See the Playbook for any additional details

1. NO TEST: Close contacts may quarantine at home for 10 days from the last time they were in contact with the infected individual.  Individuals must continue to watch for symptoms until day 14. 

2. NEGATIVE TEST: Close contacts may shorten quarantine at home to seven days if they have a negative result from a test (either PCR or antigen test) taken at least five days after they were in contact with the infected individual.  Individuals must continue to watch for symptoms until day 14.


  • This decision will be reviewed each week. SKSD reserves the right to change back to the 14-day quarantine if our positive cases increase. 
  • We do believe that this will support the social-emotional needs of our learning community by having our staff and students in-person as much as possible. 
  • Anyone currently in quarantine will work with the building principal to determine if a new end date for their quarantine can be calculated. 
  • For the seven-day option, negative test results MUST be provided to the schools prior to the return to school. There is absolutely no exception. The school will NOT be administering BINAX now for this option. South Road asymptomatic testing site can be used. 
  • The RIDOH recommends ALL close contacts of people with COVID-19 get tested (with an antigen or PCR test) on day 5 of quarantine or later. This will assist in detecting asymptomatic infection and isolating quickly to prevent further spread. 
  • Quarantine for Household Members Who CANNOT Separate from a Person in Isolation Within the Household, members need to quarantine while the infected individual is in isolation (until 10 days after symptom onset or swab date if asymptomatic) and then start their own quarantine.
  • If a person has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days, they do not need to 
    • Quarantine if identified as a close contact to a case (even if the close contact is a household member);
    • Quarantine after travel; or 
    •  Participate in asymptomatic screening testing for sports or school. They are exempt from such testing 
  • Domestic Travelers (>5%): Must immediately quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in Rhode Island or until they get a negative test (PCR or Antigen) result. (This does NOT apply to any individual who has had a negative result from a COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival in Rhode Island.) 
  • International Travelers: Should follow the close contact quarantine guidance.
  • RIDOH does not dictate which options schools/districts should choose to implement. 
  • RIDOH does encourage schools to inform their community which option they have chosen to implement.



We are accepting registrations for ALL grade levels.  Please visit our Registration Information Site to learn more and make an appointment:  Note: The kindergarten placement deadline is March 19, 2021. While we accept enrollments throughout the year, we do expect spots to fill quickly in our Spanish Immersion program. A lottery drawing will be utilized for these limited spots.  Do you have a rising kindergartner?  Please attend one of our VIRTUAL Kindergarten Kick-Off Information Sessions. Visit our Kindergarten Kick-Off Site to learn more:

SKSC Policy Subcommittee Seeking Community Members

The South Kingstown School Committee is seeking community members to serve on the Policy Subcommittee.  We know our goals will be best achieved with subcommittee members of diverse life experiences. If you are interested in serving on this subcommittee, please submit a letter of interest highlighting why you are interested in the subject and how your life experience will bring a necessary perspective to our work.  All letters should be emailed to no later than March 5th, 2021. 

The role of the Policy Subcommittee is to develop education policies to meet the needs of the community and recommend said policies to the School Committee. The goal of such policy is to ensure that each learner receives an education of the highest quality in a positive environment with caring, dedicated, and effective teaching and administrative staff. This subcommittee is engaged in both drafting new policies and reviewing current policies.  The subcommittee currently meets twice a month, either in the afternoon or evening.

REPEATS & REMINDERS (this is from the February 8th & 17th Snapshots)

FY2021-2022 Budget Update
The School Committee approved the 2021-2022 Budget at their meeting on February 9, 2021.  The FY22 SKSD  Budget Report is available for download.  Additional information is available on our FY22 Budget Information page.

Vaccine Reminders

  • Once an individual is vaccinated, NOTHING changes
    • Must quarantine if identified as a close contact
    • Must follow travel quarantine guidelines
    • Must isolate if test positive
    • May continue asymptomatic testing

You can learn more about RI's vaccine roll out at the RIDOH vaccine website:  Visit THIS PAGE to see the priority for the week.    

In Gratitude

Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its recommendations for Essential Elements of Safe K-12 School In-person Instruction. We have reviewed these mitigation strategies to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in schools which say that regardless of the level of community transmission, all schools should use and layer mitigation strategies. There are five key mitigation strategies that are essential to the safe delivery of in-person instruction and help to mitigate COVID-19 transmission in schools:

  • Universal and correct use of masks
  • Physical distancing
  • Handwashing and respiratory etiquette
  • Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities
  • Contact tracing in combination with isolation and quarantine, in collaboration with the health department

SKSD continues to proudly prioritize these strategies. Please help us to keep a low positive case count by following this same guidance at home. We know that being able to reduce our quarantine guidance will help to support our families and the social-emotional needs of all. I am more confident than ever before that we can continue to achieve great things if we all stay focused on making safe and thoughtful choices. This is not the time to loosen up on any practices. Please continue to follow our guidance. It is only then that we will keep ourselves and others safe. 

Linda Savastano, SKSD Superintendent


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