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The mission of the South Kingstown School Department is to educate the children of South Kingstown in partnership with families and community, so that each student becomes a responsible individual who possesses the knowledge and skills for full productive citizenship.


The vision of the Pupil Personnel Services Department is to create and support a model of inclusionary practices where every child is accepted as part of the whole school community with every adult within this community being responsible to prepare each and every child to lead productive and independent adult lives.


The Pupil Personnel Services Department fully supports the philosophy of "inclusion" whereby all students are welcomed and accepted regardless of their level of need.  It is our belief that:

- The first educational setting is that of the general education classroom.  It is only after instruction is differentiated and a curriculum is appropriately accommodated do we look to provide specialized instruction.

- All students should be afforded the opportunity to be educated in their home school whenever possible.

- High expectations for our students and ourselves will yield positive results.

- Specialized instruction is of high quality and of sufficient intensity to support students in their work toward attaining academic achievement and functional performance.

- Specialized instruction is provided in general education setting to the maximum extent appropriate (LRE).

- Inclusion is more than access to the general education curriculum.  It embodies the whole educational experience to include academics and the social/emotional experience.

- Inclusion also means providing each student an authentic sense of belonging where differences are expected and valued.

- Families and care givers are valued partners in this process.

- Ongoing communication and collaboration between home and school are essential to improve student outcomes.

- Encouragement from both home and school is necessary to assist students in achieving their personal best.

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.    Michaelangelo



School communities must believe and expect that all students can learn because expectations play an important role in student success.  With high expectations comes respect for different approaches to learning, recognition of cultural and linguistic considerations, and recognition of effects of disabilities and developmental variations.

- Students have different rates and styles of learning.

- Students are diverse in their cognitive, physical, linguistic, social, and emotional development.

- Students differ in their current skill level and their ability to work and student independently.

- At various times, students experience different reactions and responses to curriculum and instructional task demands.

- Students require different amounts of supervision and instruction.

General education is the door to learning through which all students are expected to enter; it should be the goal of every school to make the general educaton environment the appropriate placement for all students.  (2001, MA DOE)

A comprehensive and systematic school-wide instruction and intervention system is built on the foundation of a guaranteed and viable program of student.  This system includes a full continuum of universal, targeted and intensive instruction and supports.  Response to Intervention (RTI) is this system for Rhode Island.

The universal or core instruction that is provided within the general education classroom is the most critical ingredient within an RTI framework.  It is the foundation of the school's instructional support system.  High quality, comprehensive instruction is provided to all students as part of univeral or core instruction.  The curriculum, differentiated instruction and assessment practices provide a coherent and articulated development of students' skills and abilities.  (RIDE, 2010)

Therefore, the most immediate step on the continuum of supports for any student who is struggling in their learning is to look at the universal or core instruction, the very first tier in the RTI process.

Staff Directory

Breta Combs
Director of Pupil Personnel
Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel
Operations Specialist
Lynn Dougherty
Early Childhood Coordinator
Administrative Specialist
Administrative Secretary

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Special Education Local Advisory Committee
(SELAC) Books


Well SELAC has them, and they have found a new home!  A collection of Special Needs Books and audiovisual material which may be a particular interest to families of children with special needs are now located at the Peace Dale Elementary School Library on Kersey Road.

Thanks to librarian Martha Badigian who volunteered to maintain the books, taking the books out is simple.  Just follow the easy steps below:

  • Call the library at 360-0660 to check on book availability and/or hours.Mrs. Badigian may be with students, so leave a message with your name, phone number and interested book information.
  • The library is usually open from 9am-3pm; however, from time to time the library may be closed.  We ask that you call ahead to make sure you can access the library.
  • Anyone with a picture I.D. can be a client of the library.
  • A book can be taken out in 2 week increments.  Should you like to keep it longer, you may do so by contacting Mrs. Badigian and requesting an extension.  Should no one be waiting for the book, the request will be granted.
That’s all there is to it!  Just one more thing…
Thank Mrs. Badigian for taking the time to itemize, catalogue, and display your books.  We could not have done it without her!

Thanks Martha!

Note:  For a list of books please go to documents under the Special Ed. link to the left of this page.


Well SELAC has them,
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